Thursday, 22 March 2018

Britain police say to be anti-terrorist

Britain police call for good citizens to become anti-terrorists The British public urged the police to provide more terror information and help the police to stop terrorism. Officials say they have received important phone calls from the people they received from the phone call, one-fifth of the call.

London's Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu says they want the citizens of Britain to become a citizen of anti-terrorism. If you are suspicious about something, then you will be responsible for telling the police, he says. His comments came at a time when a special campaign was started in Britain to take action against terrorism.

According to official data, in the year 2007, the public submitted 30,984 reports to anti-terrorist police. Of the 6000 reports, sources of investigation have been found, police officials say. This call is being made to the public to provide information about terrorism in the background of the 2017 attacks in Westminster area of ​​Britain's Parliament building in London. According to police information, British police and intelligence department conducted 600 anti-terror investigations against MI-Five 3000 people.