Sunday, 18 June 2017

Burned Grenfell Tower Looks like a Concrete Skeleton

The number of casualties in the fire is rising in the fire. Police fear that at least 59 people are killed. Many disappeared in this incident.

Witnesses said that the burnt stoves are concrete skeletons, such as seeing the accident.
After 36 hours of heavy fire, smoke was seen from many stalls. The administration has abandoned the hope of rescuing someone from there. Witnesses said that many bodies still spread across the multi-storey.

Police said that the number of dead could rise up to 58 in a devastating fire. A spokesman for the police said today that at least 58 people were missing in the Kensington area after the fire, and they were all killed. He said the number might increase further, and the search will take weeks to complete.

However, many people fear the death of hundreds. The families of the missing and dead families demanded proper investigation after the fire.