Monday, 12 June 2017

Skype shadowed with a new look

Completely rearranged the communication app Skype. The new-look app is open for Android platforms by its creator Microsoft.

This is the eighth edition of Skype Android (8.0). Microsoft will leave the new design app soon on the iOS platform. In the next few months, new versions of Skype will be available in Windows and Mac versions.

You can easily group chat using the app. Very easy to share different things. In addition, Skype can be sorted according to your choice. Each chat can be reacted.

Highlight Tabs with Skype Chat tab. By combining daily pictures and videos from this tab, creating highlights relays can be shared with everyone. Highlight posts can be reactivated.

Skype added another tab named Capture. Using this tab you can take photos and videos and post them in chat form. Skype has come as a new feature. Search can be used to search web content.

You can download the app from Google's PlayStation Store when you go online.