Thursday, 6 July 2017

Saudi Arabia is the 'main foreign sponsor' for extending extremism in Britain

Among the foreign powers that are involved in spreading extremist sentiment in Britain, the major Saudi Arabia In a new report, Saudi Arabia is claimed to be the 'Chief Foreign Promotor' in promoting extremism.

In a BBC report, The Henry Jackson Society has cited Saudi Arabia's "clean and growing involvement" in sponsoring Islamic organizations and jihadist groups to spread violence in Britain.

Foreign Affairs urged people to search for the review of the role of Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries in relation to the Think Tank.

The Saudi Arabian embassy in Britain commented, 'Definitely baseless'.

According to the BBC, the ministers are under pressure to publish reports on Britain-based Islamist groups.

In December 2015, Prime Minister David Cameron commissioned The Home Office to publish reports on the existence and impact of jihadist organizations. There are questions about whether the report will be published at all.

Critics say the government's weak points will be exposed through this report. It could ruin long diplomatic, defense and economic relations with Saudi Arabia.

The report also said that several countries funded mosques and Islamic schools in Britain. Among them there are also Iran. These mosques and educational institutions are motivated to spread extremist ideas.

The countries which have been charged against Saudi Arabia have been referred to Saudi Arabia. Many of the country's people and organizations are exporting these 'narrow and fanatic Wahabi doctrine' in Britain.

In most cases, British companies accept funds from Saudi Arabia, they are being directly operated under the direction of the country.

The BBC's Frank Gardner said that this report was published in a time when Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt are going through a sensitive period.

According to the opinion of Labor Party MP Dan Jervis, the BBC said the relationship of promoting Saudi and extremist doctrine through the report was "very worrying". He urged Britain to publish a detailed report on the subject.

Meanwhile, another leader of the Labor Party, Jeremy Kelly, demanded immediate cancellation of Britain's arms supply agreement in Saudi Arabia. He also called on the Saudi Arabia's military campaign in Yemen and the record of human rights violations.

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